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Current Version: 1.3.0

Supports: Joomla! 2.5Joomla! 3.x

This is a free component for Jquery FAQ management.

Simply create FAQs and categories display the categories in a menu item and customize as you wish.
For more information click here.

FAQ features:

- 3 designs for faq display.

- JQuery effects.

- Select categories shown.

- ask a question from the front-end and email option.

- Full support of text alignment.

- Many customization available.

- Back to top and print buttons appearance and behavior customization.

- Plugin to allow Joomla! search on FAQs.

- Plugin to show categories and faqs in articles.

- It's awesome.


3 Primary designs: Simple, Default and Standart.

Default: As seen in the demo, nice with graphics.

Simple: simple with no graphic but the back to top button (if displayed).

Standart: simple and small as in the joomla back-end.

 NOTE: FAQ FTW does not support sub-categories for now.


New to version 1.3.0:

-Fixed a bug causing text back to top to not appear.
-Fixed a bug causing the email to be sent anyway.
-Fixed a bug causing question to be sent even if not valid.
-Fixed style when ask a question could not be shown due to access restrictions.
-Added option to change background color.
-Added option to show empty categories.
-Changed question font, answer font and background color can now
recieve any type of color template (e.g: #FFFFFF,FFFFFF,white).
-Added print option to each FAQ (Print template is still in beta, feel free to suggest).
-Now supports Joomla! 3.x.

 FAQFTW Content Plugin
-Now supports Joomla! 3.x.


New to version 1.2.5:

-Added front-end pagination.
-Reordered and arranged the configuration in menu items (now divided to sections).
-Added multiple email addresses options instead of just one email address (Comma seperated).
-Added option to place the ask a question below the FAQs or above them.
-Fixed a bug causing the system messages to hide from display.
-Fixed missing language strings from the mail.
-Fixed a bug that an email was always sent.
-Fixed a bug where traslation was not used.
-Added anchors to the FAQs by their alias.
-Added option to choose back to top behavior: back to top, back to first question or back to title.
-Fixed a bug causing the category description to show anyway.
-Added plugin to allow Joomla! search on FAQs.
-Fixed default FAQs style competability with Internet Explorers.

FAQFTW Content Plugin
-Added anchors to the FAQs by their alias.
-Fixed few minor bugs.




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